• SolaRoof | PyraPOD

    SolaRoof | PyraPOD

    Action is required across a network of early adopters to replicate due diligence to building Solaroof. We are implement field projects, so that multiple teams rapidly become competent to create and validate the advancements… Read More

  • NeuroScope


    We live in an era of heightened intensity. Crisis phenomena are multiplying, the pressure on people is increasing, generating ever greater personal and emotional waves, but at the same time, we can also experience… Read More

  • FormaCoop


    FormaCoop enables sharing of organic resources between people and organizations. Its purpose is to establish cooperations based on the needs of the collaborators – matrix of interests – and to maintain trust. The practical… Read More

  • HackHumanity


    “None of us can save the world alone, but we can each make our contributions that can be scaled up to create a regenerative society. This is our moment of self-empowerment.” This is the… Read More

  • EcoHouse


    The intelligent apparatus, EcoHouse homes and green-energy-eco-passive (Smart, iOT) systems operating alongside will be, in our opinion, the largest technical and energy savings program of the next 20-40 years! Imagine a luxury flat, which… Read More

  • RoboVenture


    We at RoboVenture work with children, and by teaching the younger generation, we create a livable future and a clean planet. Here, the children learn, make and repair everything. A creative workshop where we… Read More

  • AgroVest


    Agrovest Reality TV show; a TV Reality show targeted at young agro entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-38, with viable businesses cutting across various agro value chains such as: AgriTech, Logistics, Mechanization, crop and… Read More

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