The intelligent apparatus, EcoHouse homes and green-energy-eco-passive (Smart, iOT) systems operating alongside will be, in our opinion, the largest technical and energy savings program of the next 20-40 years!

Imagine a luxury flat, which takes only a few days of building with much more favourable expenses than with conventional technologies! In addition to, it can be operated with minimal costs and in a self-supporting way!

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Thanks to the intelligent control unit of the EcoHouse system, observing its surroundings in a self-learning way, it optimizes energy consumption and provides the most livable environment to its residents!

It ensures fresh air and ventilation, observes humidity, while setting the desired temperature. In addition to these features, it manages doors and windows, closing them if sensing a storm.

Central Control Unit

It monitors living conditions with scanners and sensors, executing preset measures in cases of unanticipated events, like increased CO, or in case of fire, sends alarm signals and initiates proper procedures. With our self-developed carbon filters, it configures the most optimal environment. It optimizes and minimizes water usage with a flow rate gauge and “grey-water” system.

Sounds sci-fi, right? Our team has been researching and developing these technologies for several years, we can confidently state, that this kind of technology is feasible in our days!We test our developments on people between ages of 4-90, so that we can ensure flexibility and ease of use.

Along with several other devices, it also has an on-demand facial recognition feature in order to provide security.

Aside from the ones, previously listed, the EcoHouse system and its central control unit provide many more functions, do much more for us with the help of its easily customizable touchscreen interface.

We’re developing many other fields besides the mentioned functions, so that we would be able to adequately equip our homes, which you will be able the read about in the future.

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