Learn & Do It Yourself

There are plenty of affiliate value addition around the open source model, that help to grow the Envienta cosmo-localization framework exponentially. Education is clearly one of them.

In collaboration with local universities and partners, we establish a wide variety of education related cooperations and activities.

Acton Academy | Békéscsaba | Hungary

Meadow of possibilities

Acton Academy is a rethinking of school. Acton asks the fundamental question that was missing in our own educational experiences. What is education really for? Acton believes that education is not just about college, getting a job, or even starting a career. It’s about discovering a calling. It’s about answering the most fundamental questions: “Who am I? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me? How can I serve a great need and even change the world?” Acton challenges students to become the agents and primary drivers of their learning, the entrepreneurs of their own education and life calling.

Education Courses & Related Events

An experience-based education program

We offer a rich environment for learning about the mainstreaming of regenerative sustainability and progressing a commons approach in innovation. We are adding quality programs giving more value to your precious time in independent training centers. Instructors all around the world also can build their cooperation model to provide local access to knowledge.

● Commons management program
● Self-sufficiency courses
● Energy management, production & storage
● Permaculture & home gardening
● 3D modeling & printing

● Smart home technology
● Robotics
● Sensor technologies for interactive environments
● Nanotechnology course

● Graduate studies program
● Executive programs
● Conferences & Envienta summits
● Internship program
● Research & Development

Some of these courses and MOOCS are free of charge and available online thanks to the commons approach.

Educating in useful techniques to address local and global challenges, inspiring and empowering citizens, students, cultural workers, entrepreneurs, adult educators, facilitators of change and coaches. Communities wanting to develop collaborative and participatory practices to empower social change and steward resources. You can find the detailed education program below.

Our Activities