Welcome to the Innovation Hub

The overall objective of innovation hubs & makerspaces is to increase the level of consciousness by creating self-sustainable communities.

We’re reinforcing local social activity, shaping a collectively shared vision of the future and implementing joint initiatives on community development.

Specific objectives

Promoting a community-based approach in sustainable socio-economic development in cooperation with local communities, academia, governments and companies.

Supporting the creation of a locally owned and managed peer-production network connected to the global Internet of Things.

Local level activities of the Innovation Hub

Economic development in collaboration with startups and small businesses. Supporting governments in solving the most pressing local development problems by implementing micro-projects within major project priority – environmental rehabilitation, recycling, reducing the amount of soil and water usage, energy saving, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, etc.

Knowledge and experience acquired in course of implementation will be gathered, analysed and disseminated through our innovation hubs in cooperation with academia and association of local self-government bodies.

Innovation hubs’ turnkey solutions provide a tremendous benefit to government decision makers to raise the population’s standard of living, reduce costs and implement green investments at the same time – based on a desirable three-sided cooperation between governments, non-profits and local business interests in an emerging hybrid economy.

Welcome to the Makerspace

Blending true creativity with our shared resources

As part of our ecosystem, makerspaces are collaborative workshops inside schools, libraries or separate public or private facilities for making, learning, exploring and sharing knowledge

You're having access
  • Prototyping
  • Construction consulting and implementation
  • Local manufacturing, distribution and sales
  • Equipment rental & repair services
  • Education
  • Workshops
  • Startup incubation

HAcker DOjo | Santa Clara, CA | USA

The best place to connect with Silicon Valley

At Hacker Dojo, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. It is a haven for the dreamers, the tinkerers, and the visionaries who dare to challenge the status quo. We have visited the Maker and Hackerspace in Santa Clara and we had a very nice conversation with the Executive Director, Ed. We hope to see each other soon again. Hacker Dojo website: https://hackerdojo.com

Kollabor | Békéscsaba | Hungary

Building a Makerspace

Natural Science Experience Center is opening soon in Békéscsaba We are building a makerspace in Békéscsaba. It is a place where anything can be built. The main goal of this type of common area is to provide place for ideas to make it happen. From ideas to protoypes, or even to manufacturing process in small quatities. In this way of meaning makerspace is an innovation center where new ideas are born, they might be validated and tested and spreaded around.

Flashback | 2014

The Maker Movement’s impact on society, culture & economy

From the producers of the internationally acclaimed “Design & Thinking”, Maker is a feature-length documentary that looks into the current Maker Movement in America – a new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together culture fueled by passion and powered by the advent of new technologies.

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