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In terms of cosmo-localization it is vital to recognize the power of strong partnerships, that can help reach bigger impact.

Envienta does not have a huge management and development team, so we neither intend to establish infrastructure with e.g. thousands of costly production lines.

Instead, our protocols help to improve the Collaborative Commons, where innovators, hacker communities,, manufacturers, distributors, beneficiaries and investors get together in one place. We establish well scalable, decentralized, designing, manufacturing and distribution infrastructure on Web3 backbones.

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To reach mutual advantages

Automated project management

Contributors only have to deal with development processes, the platform does the rest of administration & accounting in the background

Certified Process Validation

Analysing of data gathered throughout the design & manufacturing of a product in order to confirm that the process can reliably output products of a determined standard

Feedback based quality control

Community feedback loops, gathering signals about the quality of blueprints, prototypes, products or – as a key factor in curation – the reputation of any service providers shaped by past behavior

Balanced supply & demand

Real time feedbacks and assessment of needs help to avoid overproduction – ultimately balance demand and supply

Reduces costs of transport & logistics

Instead of producing something in large quantities & transporting over long distances, we radically diminish the physical cost of transport & logistics via local production

Increases overall sales

Elaborated business models making small scale personalized need fulfillment commercially feasible

Serving Global Demands via Local Circular Economies

Unique, small scale manufacturing, ranging from prototypes to the number of items that are serving local needs

Recycled unique products with longer lifetime

Without being obliged to achieve a minimum serial size in order to reach profitability, more focus tends to reusability & durability

Open Source Approach

Designers can start unique projects or build on existing ones, open source allowing others to improve further

Legal Protection

The platform provides legal protection for open source projects based on Creative Commons 3.0 | 4.0

Presentation | 2018

Platform Protocols

Our framework provides regenerative and sustainable solutions based on the cosmo-localization model. Protocols fuel interactions to facilitate both global and local economic growth. Our official means of exchange is a token, the unit behind the protocol fueling transactions and all the automated actions.


Consensus Validation

Startup Incubation



Token Exchange

Platform Cooperatives

What community provides in addition

Giving access to resources, goods or services primarily through apps or protocols. Relying on democratic decision-making and shared ownership, platform cooperativism is well known exercise in open source software & hardware communities as well. A potential is to become ecosystems for social and economic innovations.

Open source knowledge sharing

Makerspace tools & machinery

Resource based contributions

Experience based learning

Residential support

Accomodation based contributions

Licensing the Know-how

The Creative Commons

A set of various licenses that allow people to share their copyrighted work to be copied, edited, built upon, etc., while retaining the copyright to the original work – often used attributively. Envienta licensing built on Creative Commons 3.0 attribution based license and further improved commercial licenses based on Creative Comons 4.0.

Our accounting is based on agreements made by stakeholders, including each and every contribution that has taken place in a development process. We provide micro payment solutions to contributors, license owners, while our protocols serve both socioeconomic and business interests.

Once a prototype has been made, cross-validated and reached a given amount of sales, anyone can modify or download its blueprints for free under Creative Commons and further improved licenses. This way we ensure that the products become public property. You are able to assemble and forther improve the platform’s any approved product on your own and use it.

Our Activities