Sometimes a bigger impact can be achieved by simply connecting the dots. Envienta collaborations provide real alternatives through a holistic approach to science and technology.

In modern times – especially in large cities – to get food and water, energy, household objects, furniture and so on, in a reliable form subject to a lot of conditions.

Envienta was born as a Do it Yourself, community-based solution package for the 21st century, which provides share of know-how, resources, products, food and water for the members. Let’s discover potentials of cooperatives in modern society.

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Flashback | 2015

Open source hardware development, self-sustaining lifestyle, resource sharing, blockchain-based value exchange, alternative organizational models and education – these are components of regenerative, cost-effective, decentralized socioeconomic and environmental frameworks of our age. Learn more from early days project in this video about our focus of collaborations. Since then we participated in many projects, in some cases as initiatiors, or join to those which are representatives of our value commitment.

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