About Us

Envienta provides alternatives with interdisciplinary approach to science, technology and the living world. A bottom-up, transformative community initiative that has been making its impact in open source research, development and innovation – OpenRDI – since 2014.

The uniqueness of Envienta lies in the fact that we reflect on the challenges of the zeitgeist with our questions that stimulate a comprehensive paradigm shift.

Prequels for our quest

Welcome to the Collaborative Commons

With the current rise of global challenges, more people have to keep up with the times. This is due to the cost of living that has drastically increased compared to our basic needs. This early video describes how the emerging Internet of Things is speeding us to an era of nearly free goods and services, precipitating the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative Commons and the eclipse of capitalism.


We have a solution-oriented, international network that includes innovative thinkers, opinion leaders, companies, research institutes, civil organizations, makerspaces and educational institutions.

The creation of community collaborations, the operation of the innovation centers and the organization of educational programs and events are handled by the Envienta Association, previously registered in Spain, currently running by Envienta Association in Hungary.

Since 2014, networking and community building has increased engagement and trust around the globe, so our operations tend to focus overseas as well.

The operation of our online systems, the construction of commercial models, services and product sales, revenues from startup incubation, the management of capital investments and partnerships were previously carried out by Envienta Ltd. based in UK / US, recently running by Envienta Digital Ltd Hungary.

Our Peers

Gábor Kiss

Co-founder, Chairman at Envienta Association, Spain,
Board Member at Envienta Association, Hungary

József Veress

CEO, COO at Envienta Digital,
Chairman at Envienta Association, Hungary

Gellért Kispál

CFO, CIO at Envienta Digital,
Board Member at Envienta Association, Hungary

Edina Csobot

CRO at Envienta Digital,
Board Member at Envienta Association, Hungary

Gabriel Váraljay

Co-founder, CCO at Envienta Digital

László Fazekas

CTO at Envienta Digital,, Lead software developer,

Máté Molnár

Software & multimedia developer

András Murzsicz

Basic & applied research

Viktor Halas

Media & communication

László Sramkó

OpenRDI coordinator

Anett Pásztor

Educational partner at Acton Academy

Péter Papp

Technical Manager | Solaroof / PyraPod

Sándor Koszecz

Innovation Hub Developer at Kollabor

Andrej Bálizs

Design Architect

Krisztián Gajdács

Hardware developer partner at RoboVenture

Gábor Tóth

Network & program organizer

Tímea Györke

Network & program organizer

Tamás Vígh

Editor in chief, Envienta News Channel

Szilárd Weinber

Applied research & development

József Vass

Social media manager

János Parizán

Facilities engineering & documentation

Péter Habó

Co-founder, Board Member at Envienta Association, Spain,
renewable energy expert

Gergő Nagy-Mélykuti

Producer, Eco Logical Films

Advisory Board

David Orban

Seed stage startup and blockchain investor, Network Society Ventures, Singularity University, Thiel Fellowship

Michel Bauwens

Peer-to-Peer theorist, researcher, director and founder of the P2P Foundation

Alexandra Köves, Dr.

Ecological economist, researcher, professor, Corvinus University

Richard Nelson

Inventor, CEO of SolaRoof International, CoMissioner & Founder of PODnet COOP

Guillaume Kloof

Founder and managing partner of CreateStartupsHere.com

James Gien Wong

OSCE Days member of board, co-founder at Stop Reset Go, Institute of Future Living, Ingienous Designs

Garry Martin

Former Executive director of UBS, principal DLT strategist of SCTAG and CAPCO

László Kézi

Businessman. COO and co-founder at Sinexton Technologies Ltd & Permanent Project Assistant at FCORP

Robert Schram

Coordinator at HackHumanity, founding member of The WorldSummit Movement, United Earth & Synergy Hub Network

Troy Wiley

Writer, critical thinker, Co-creator & Coordinator at Liminal Village & HackHumanity, founding member of The WorldSummit Movement

Regina M. Sipos

Founder and director, Social-Digital Innovation, Berlin Institute of Technology

Joseph Gaylord

Program evangelist, Social-Digital Innovation, Innovation Support Officer at ITU-D Innovation

Our Activities