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Eco Logical Films Channel for sustainability enthusiasts. Learn more about green projects and innovations. Powered by Envienta.

No Name | Goa | India

Free Hostel Initiative

Elisa and Ankit, the founders of the world’s first crowdfunded Hostel, NO NAME Free Hostel, talk about their experiences so far, which they have gathered thanks to this great initiative over the past half and a half years. They tell about the future, about everything that will mean the next station. Listen to their story, and have fun!


Practical Skills Therapeutic Education | PSTE

Revitalist is a new initiative that intends to take further the concept of Social Farming by elaborating a new curriculum based on a social and therapeutic method of education, by creating and collecting a pool of background materials and by establishing a network of professionals, and this way responding to several European regional and local policy needs. The target groups of the new curriculum are social farm employees, and social and agricultural professionals.

Gyüttment Festival | Oszkó | Hungary

Local procurement

The raw materials for catering are obtained primarily (but not exclusively) from local producers, within a 50-kilometer radius, strictly without packaging. In this way, we reduce transport distances and the amount of packaging at the same time. In order for this to be realized, our catering team did serious research in the area, mapping out the possibilities and producers. Of course, certain raw materials and spices cannot be purchased without packaging or locally, but this is a minimal part of our total kitchen needs. It is also important to obtain the raw materials necessary for the construction of the infrastructure from the nearest possible sites – as much as possible, dismantled, recycled, and sometimes from garbage collection.

Community Organizing

Is there an unsalvageable community?

In today’s world, those who want to live in community have many failures. They often feel that their community cannot be saved. In this video, Gusztáv- Pabló Vágvölgyi, a community business developer, talks about how to get there so that the seemingly unsalvageable community can be saved.

Danube Interreg ProjectS

Rare Project | Full version

Eco Logical Films and Manon -Interreg Reporter in the Danube Transnational Programme (DTP), had the opportunity to meet with some partners of the RARE project. In Gyulaj (Hungary) the Mayor together with the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service established a “factory” that employs Romani people from the village, and thanks to this initiative launched some years ago, the unemployment rate has significantly decreased. RARE project would like to highlight this powerful example of effective social and labour market inclusion and develop convincing economic argumentation for further such interventions.

Danube Interreg ProjectS


Eco Logical Films and Manon -Interreg Reporter in the Danube Transnational Programme (DTP), had the opportunity to meet Hubert Siegel, Lead Partner of the Camaro-D project. They discussed the importance of transnational cooperation towards managing the land use impacts on the water regime in the Danube. Benefiting from a harmonized land use management, will enable water resources protection and flood prevention to be better taken into account.

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Envienta Official | YouTube Channel

Every revolution starts with great ideas. In the open source model members give their own resources, creativity, and experience to the commons. It’s fast growing and sustainable. We are looking for regenerative sustainability enthusiasts strive to learn about exponential technologies in order to create open source P2P cooperatives in the next economy

Acton Academy | Békéscsaba | Hungary

Meadow of possibilities

Acton Academy is a rethinking of school. Acton asks the fundamental question that was missing in our own educational experiences. What is education really for? Acton believes that education is not just about college, getting a job, or even starting a career. It’s about discovering a calling. It’s about answering the most fundamental questions: “Who am I? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me? How can I serve a great need and even change the world?” Acton challenges students to become the agents and primary drivers of their learning, the entrepreneurs of their own education and life calling.

HAcker DOjo | Santa Clara, CA | USA

The best place to connect with Silicon Valley

At Hacker Dojo, we believe in the power of community, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. It is a haven for the dreamers, the tinkerers, and the visionaries who dare to challenge the status quo. We have visited the Maker and Hackerspace in Santa Clara and we had a very nice conversation with the Executive Director, Ed. We hope to see each other soon again. Hacker Dojo website:

Kollabor | Békéscsaba | Hungary

Building a Makerspace

Natural Science Experience Center is opening soon in Békéscsaba We are building a makerspace in Békéscsaba. It is a place where anything can be built. The main goal of this type of common area is to provide place for ideas to make it happen. From ideas to protoypes, or even to manufacturing process in small quatities. In this way of meaning makerspace is an innovation center where new ideas are born, they might be validated and tested and spreaded around.


Welcome to the Collaborative Commons

With the current rise of global challenges, more people have to keep up with the times. This is due to the cost of living that has drastically increased compared to our basic needs. This early video describes how the emerging Internet of Things is speeding us to an era of nearly free goods and services, precipitating the meteoric rise of a global Collaborative Commons and the eclipse of capitalism.

Aon Hewitt | Budapest | Hungary

World of Work Moonshot

Aon Hewitt organised the first World of Work related hackathon of Hungary at the premises of Microsoft Hungary with the sponsorship of a few multinational companies. There was huge interest in the competition with teams working on ideas and concepts around the question of “What will the work environment look like in 3 to 5 years?”. The competition was intense, some people stayed overnight, others returned after a short sleep at home to continue working. During the breaks intense networking took place and numerous new connections were made too.

Digital Recycling | Békéscsaba | Hungary


We deal with children, our mission is to leave behind a more livable planet with their help. From the microprocessor- and sensor-controlled smart garden to the ion drive, an experience and knowledge that will prepare you for a lifetime. A creative workshop where we build new, wonderful things from discarded electronic waste. Natural sciences, software-hardware, technology, robotics in an understandable, simple, playful way.

The World Summit | Playa Del Carmen | Mexico

Unifying the Unifiers

Since 2018, The World Summit Movement is is gathering changemakers from all over the globe in order to unite groups and people, both virtually and physically, to bypass individual agendas as well as the current social, political, and economic systems that divide us. The World Summit wants to unify and align and is doing this in the acknowledgement that it does not need permission to discover our oneness as a great global tribe.

Ecolution in Progress | Gran Canaria | Spain

Envienta Open Source Everything

Every revolution starts with great ideas. In the open source model members give their own resources, creativity, and experience to the commons. It’s fast growing and sustainable. We are looking for people around us who share the same interest. Be part of this future, now we need you!

See one of our first promotional video.

Sharing of Resources & Experiences | Békéscsaba | Hungary

How to Form a Cooperative?

The main goal of the Golden Horse Foundation in Békéscsaba, established in 2009, is to protect the living world, which can be achieved in the long term if we provide the generations that come after us with the right knowledge. Our farm is also home to the FORMACOOP cooperative initiative, which enables the sharing of organic resources between individuals and organizations. Its purpose is to establish cooperations based on the needs of the collaborators and to maintain trust.

Network Society World Congress | Torino | Italy

A Holistic Approach to Open Source Ecology

In this talk from the 2015 Network Society World Congress, Gabor Kiss Chairman of ENVIENTA Association, UBIE member, basic income activist talks about the ENVIENTA & Qetema projects as a holistic approach to open source ecology.
Venue: Innovation Center, Intesa World Headquarters, Turin, Italy.

3D Virtual Tour | Gran Canaria | Spain

Blueprints for the future

The ENVIENTA project provides cheap and well designed living for individuals, families and communities. Why pay household bills if there are existing technologies to reduce your dependencies? Renewable energy is free. Self-sustainable living requires alternative gardening solutions, based on effective water usage without dirt and farming knowledge. Custom designed interior elements made from 3D printed recycled materials can reduce industrial waste.

Collaborations | Worldwide

Flashback | 2015

Open source hardware development, self-sustaining lifestyle, resource sharing, blockchain-based value exchange, alternative organizational models and education – these are components of regenerative, cost-effective, decentralized socioeconomic and environmental frameworks of our age. Learn more from early days project in this video about our focus of collaborations. Since then we participated in many projects, in some cases as initiatiors, or join to those which are representatives of our value commitment.

Interview | Podcast

I’m here | M2 Petőfi

6 Minutes of the future

Gábor Tóth participated in a small discussion on the live program “I’m here” on M2 Petőfi TV, where the impact of technological development on society was discussed. Our topics: robotic jobs, self-driving cars, Unconditional Basic Income, artificial intelligence. 6 minutes of the future.

Connecting The World with Asma Tariq

The Envienta Project

Connecting the World is a weekly Facebook show co-hosted by Rehan Allahwala, Rehmat Ullah Rehmat, Taqwa Ahmed, and Hammad Safi. The show is about talking and understanding different people, their culture, country, religion, language of people who can be from anywhere in the world. Connecting The World is an initiative of Institute of Peace. Today’s show guest Gabor is co-founder of ENVIENTA, building an open source, regenerative, cost-effective and decentralized socioeconomic framework for the 21st century

Project Sanity Radio | New Zealand

Critical mass already achieved?

In this episode, Project Sanity host Scott Andrew is joined by representatives from four different organisations advocating the installation of a new life-grounded socioeconomic paradigm for an update on the upcoming global World Summit event. Special guests: Jenny Chung – The Venus Project | Gabor Kiss – Envienta | Charlotte Wenner – Moving Forward – RBE Learning Network | Robert Schram – United Earth.

Agents of Transformation | Budapest | Berlin

Social-Digital Innovation Initiative

In the fall of 2017 the ENVIENTA project was selected into a non-profit, non-equity, independent development program for social projects using tech; with a modular offering designed flexibly to fit any local context. The Social-Digital Innovation Initiative (SDI) is committed to creating a world where social solutions use technologies meaningfully, are impact driven, sustainable and benefit and belong to those who create them.

Awareness of the Youth | Budapest

Resource Based Economy?

In this podcast, Gábor Tóth, founder of the Community of Conscious Youth, presents the ENVIENTA project. The report was made in the Vásárhelyi Video Studio of the Budapest University of Technology, with the assistance of Mihály Kalenda and Emese Pinczei.

Flashback | 2018

Platform Protocols

Our framework provides regenerative and sustainable solutions based on the cosmo-localization model. Protocols fuel interactions to facilitate both global and local economic growth. Our official means of exchange is the ENV token, the unit behind the protocol fueling transactions and all the automated actions.

Flashback | 2014

The Maker Movement’s impact on society, culture & economy

From the producers of the internationally acclaimed “Design & Thinking”, Maker is a feature-length documentary that looks into the current Maker Movement in America – a new wave of Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-Together culture fueled by passion and powered by the advent of new technologies.

Ways of transitioning

DeGrowth is no longer a provocative movement

With DeGrowth we are questioning ourselves about the physical and cultural limits to growth, and how to get rid of all these addictions to “always more”. And will present what we are suggesting as a solution on different living to implement transition, which are democratic to one new models of society, based on environmental and social justice commonality and autonomy. Rather, it encourages dialogue among those who believe that our way of thinking can be changed. Meet us at the Open Source Circular Economy Day in Budapest. An invitation from Vincent Liegey.

Realistic Alternatives

Research beyond the paradigm

The guest of Envienta OSCE Days, Dr. Alexandra Köves, assistant professor at Corvinus University, draws attention to backcasting research in her presentation, from which a very utopian vision of the future unfolds. However, given the limits to growth and the megatrends, these are all realistic alternatives. The processes are moving in the direction of glocalization, the redefinition of work, the social involvement of economic actors, and a new type of political system.

Organizational Forms

The Community Enterprise

The exponential technologies defining the trends of the 21st century and the sharing-based economy based on it have brought new forms of cooperation, as a result of which the old organizational forms – designed for efficiency and repetition – are gradually becoming obsolete. In addition to the integral approach, the efficiency of future businesses will be determined by community quality. Gusztáv Pabló Vágvölgyi, head of the Inspi-Ráció Association, tells about the difficulties that organizations still have to face, and what solutions already exist for them.

Conversations on Human Welfare

Is Universal Basic Income inevitable?

In the crossfire of public and political debates around the world, the question and necessity of introducing an unconditional basic income. In Finland, Canada and the Netherlands, among others, going beyond the ideological debates, pilot projects are already underway for the purpose of assessing the impact of basic income. Interview with György Pálffy.

Ways of transition

Connecting the dots

Envienta OSCE Days welcomes Vincent Liegey, the engineer and spokesperson for the Degrowth Movement. In this event Vincent talks about the limits to growth, the increasing consumption of the finite resources and the real cost of the renewable energy. Considering the limits, his proposal is about low-tech solutions, like Cargonomia, a local community based food distribution service.

The Access Economy

Cultural dimension shift

Today’s technological development seems to leave people standing still, so human development and community development become vital, according to Sándor Koszecz, president of the Életfa Cultural Foundation and head of organizational development at Envienta.

Open Source Robotics

Grassroots software & hardware engineering

Áron Tanos and Emil Novák visited OSCE Days as exhibitors on behalf of the Hungarian Association of Robot Builders, which also deals with future-oriented technologies and education. The association, which is at the forefront of community cooperation and collaborative development activities, also supports open source software and hardware developments.

Social Innovations

About proactive engagement

The OSCE Days in Budapest were hosted by Gábor Tóth, who closed the event with a thought-provoking, sometimes critical, but still entertaining presentation. This shows, among other things, how the search for viable alternatives led to the founding of the Community of Conscious Youth and then to the Envienta project.

Circular Economy

We aim at envisioning & encouraging technological alternatives

In the ongoing industrial revolution, exponentially developing technologies, open-source cooperation, the rational distribution and use of resources, and global environmental sustainability all play a prominent role. In the opening presentation of OSCE Days, Gábor Kiss presents the Envienta project, which creates the foundations of community-based, open-source research and development in cooperation with the best in various fields. Through the process, we can reshape and at the same time make our living spaces ecologically sustainable.

Ways of transition

Questioning the physical and cultural limits to growth

DeGrowth is inviting us to connect the dots, is inviting us to always think further and it’s a great time to go deeper into thinking about the culturally needs to growth and whereas the blockades and how to go ahead step by step without falling in the wrong solution and with also the idea to how to secure the contradiction what we face in every step of the transformation of the society.

Realistic Alternatives

The Backcasting Method

In life of our advisor Alexandra Köves, Dr. a decade long experience on policy development have raised topics which questioning the fundamentals of the development of the economy and society. Since then, she has participated in future researches on how to create systems with more sustainable environments and more equitable society. According to her belief, how we think about the future, what we consider possible or impossible determines what we want or want to do in the present or not.

Ways of Decentralization

Commons-based peer production

Will there be an independent self-regulation above states in organized production-based communities? Some issues can not be solved with autonomous self-interest, but with deep collaboration in networked commons, playing an ever-greater role, complemented by government and market forces. We asked ourselves: what if we’re calling people from different fields of life working together to open source almost everything in a household? With holistic approach, it’s obvious to have few key areas merged into the system. Gabor Kiss, Co-founder of Envienta gives few examples.

Ways of Collaboration

Community & Innovation

Every settlement has a cultural institution that can be transformed into an innovation development center and a community space. In the spirit of the cultural dimension shift, we should rediscover these and fill them with content. This is also one of the declared goals of the Envienta project.

Conversations on Human Welfare

The case for Universal Basic Income

György Pálffy, representing the position of the UBI Association and Envienta, considers the complete reform of the social system inevitable in Hungary as well. He bases his argument on the megatrends that also define the labor market, and basic income can become the main tool for economic revitalization and consumption promotion.

OSCE Days | Budapest | Hungary

Open Source Circular Economy Days | Full Playlist

An international series of events promoting the creation of the Open Source Circular Economy, was organized by Envienta and the Életfa Cultural Foundation. In our thematic program called “Community Future – Days of Knowledge Sharing”, we explored the expected effects of the current fourth industrial revolution, its lawful and inevitable consequences, as well as humanity’s possible responses based on conscious decisions.

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