“None of us can save the world alone, but we can each make our contributions that can be scaled up to create a regenerative society. This is our moment of self-empowerment.”

This is the proposal as put forth by World Summit, Envienta and HackHumanity. This collaboration emerged out of a “Hack the Water Crisis” hackathon in February 2018 that Envienta developed and implemented with other partners during the water crisis in South Africa.

This experiment, among other hacking efforts, have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to generate a global focus and activism towards creating practical solutions at the local level. This demonstrates that self-empowered individuals are capable of self-organizing, outside of state governments, to come together to do whatever is necessary to meet our collective human needs.

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The Great Pause

The illusion has been broken. So, now we call upon you to take THE GREAT PAUSE as an opportunity to reflect and reconsider. Find value in yourself outside of your job and take back your time. Be rebelliously unproductive. Don’t listen to the advocates of the “abnormal normal” when they call you back to the endless toil of “business as usual”. There is no usual anymore.

As the book A Paradise Built in Hell documents, our true human nature of goodness and cooperation shines through in times of disaster and crisis, when we come together to help each other. If that is true, then there has never been a better time than now, with Covid-19, for us to “share and care” for our neighbors and express our inherent cooperative and empathic nature. It is possible to avoid much human suffering that seems to be heading our way, and get out in front of the coming crisis to steer ourselves in a different direction.

The pandemic has created unprecedented momentum and shifted our perceptions of what is needed and what is possible. This open letter is to inform you that a positive collaborative way forward does indeed exist, and we invite you activate your empowerment and contribute tangible action with us and with your community.

Call to action 2.0 – to act or not to act?

Our call to action is to organize glocally, meaning we organize simultaneously at the global and local levels to both fight symptoms and create new systems at the root level. In this new normal, we are issuing an unexpected “Call to Action” based on collective wisdom that suggests the best tactic may be to NOT ACT in response to the call to go back to the normal, which we know was abnormal. Instead, let’s organize around a new “superordinate Goal”: We have a unique opportunity to meet the basic needs for every man, woman and child everywhere.

The Mother of All Hacks!

This is our collective Moonshot! The global socio-economic system that we have created is incapable of addressing the problems that it itself has created. We are acting NOW locally and globally to address the root cause, as well as the symptoms, of all of our challenges that have been brought to a head due to coronavirus.

It is reasonable to expect amplified shockwaves in the coming months in all sectors but most critically with food, water and shelter, under our current monetary system.

It is time to stop asking whether we have enough money and instead question whether we have the resources to meet everyone’s basic needs. The answer is yes we do, but money, or lack thereof, stands in the way. It is unreasonable to expect our governments or industry to come to our rescue, but through mutual aid we can bring about a whole new solidarity and self-resiliency. Besides the continuing global water crisis and global hunger crisis, there are many other critical challenges that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

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The Great Pause | Part II.

This episode zooms in on this epic moment in history and our future to be. In chapter I, we put a critical lens on the current failing system and showing why it doesn’t make sense to go back to the degenerative ‘abnormal normal’. In the second chapter we zoom in on the possibilities of how we can solve our problems at the root cause level. The Covid-19 lockdown is a case-study that proves that we indeed can change society very quickly if we have a compelling reason to do so.

Ethical hackathon as empowered self-organizing

Despite the stereotype, most hackers are not bad. There are so-called “Ethical Hackers” working to right the wrongs in the world through acts of civil disobedience with respect to the rules of the game. Our existing model, let’s call it “Game A”, doesn’t work for the benefit of humanity or the biosphere. In order to create a new model, let’s call it “Game B” on the same Planet A, because there is no Planet B, we have to step outside the current institutions and structures that tell us “no, you can’t do that”.

The hacker ethic is a can-do attitude, that says “We can, we will, and WE ARE working, now, to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.”

There are already many thousands of groups and millions of individuals working now to address local and global problems. We simply need to combine our efforts and scale this thing. The ethical hacker ethos is not exclusive to coders and techies. We are calling out to “hacker rebels” in all domains of human endeavour including culture, consciousness, science, systems design, spirituality, and indigenous wisdom.

Hackathons – meeting everyone’s basic needs

We have initiated 12 themes to hack at Regenerative Hackathons. Each of these is a sector that we can create a solution and/or tool for. We are referring to them as 12 fields of Regenerative Development Goals.

HackHumanity is visualizing a cosmo-local platform oriented around a “Three Pillars” framework of activism that is continually evolving and improving with your help. The aim and rationale of the hackathon is to mobilize the sleeping giant of “the commons” through peer-to-peer collaborative, scalable processes for a planet of innovators to help solve global challenges through local initiatives.

An inviation for everyone to help hack the new normal

This is an action-oriented initiative, designed for individuals and groups who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and get to work.

The aim and rationale of the hackathon series is to mobilize the sleeping giant of “the commons” through creating collaborative, scalable processes for a planet of innovators to help solve global challenges through local initiatives.

HackHumanity is an “open source everything” umbrella term and collaborative grouping that is not owned by anyone. It is a decentralized, non-hierarchical rallying point around the “Mother of All Hacks” project. Our team is looking for new members including people with prior experience with open source projects. If you are interested in participating please join us on: Facebook & HackHumanity.net

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