FormaCoop enables sharing of organic resources between people and organizations. Its purpose is to establish cooperations based on the needs of the collaborators – matrix of interests – and to maintain trust. The practical application of the model began in cooperation with the following partners.

RoboVenture is an eco-conscious, digital community creative workshop. We deal with children, our mission is to leave behind a more livable planet with their help. From the microprocessor- and sensor-controlled smart garden to the ion drive, an experience and knowledge that will prepare you for a lifetime. A creative workshop where we build new, wonderful things from discarded electronic waste. Natural sciences, software-hardware, technology, robotics in an understandable, simple, playful way.

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Let’s form a cooperative

In order to put FormaCoop into practice, we felt it was vital to make real agreements with real partners.

In order to develop our open source platform based on resource sharing, we need to know the contributions and needs of the parties, providing a service that is convenient and simple for them.

We consider it important to get a picture of reality in a way that we can experience for ourselves. In measurement technology and the production of special “resonances”, we have not found a device that can evoke our experiences in a controlled manner in a complex way. This is how the NeuroScope methodology was born.

At Acton Academy, we lay the foundation for the joy of learning while encouraging our young heroes to find their life’s calling and tap into their unique genius. Embracing rigor is part of saying ‘yes’ to a Hero’s Journey. Deep learning brings a special sense of joy, but the mastery required for a Hero’s Journey goes even further, requiring commitment, discipline and hard work towards a worthy goal.

As John Muir said: “We need to create places where all natural creatures can find refuge, because perhaps these will be the last places where the human soul finds rest.”

The main goal of the Aranyló Foundation in Békéscsaba, established in 2009, is to protect the living world, which can be achieved in the long term if we provide the generations that come after us with the right knowledge.

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