We live in an era of heightened intensity. Crisis phenomena are multiplying, the pressure on people is increasing, generating ever greater personal and emotional waves, but at the same time, we can also experience a stronger influx of awareness than ever before in all societies of the world. Growing polarization, enormous amplitude swings are stretching the boundaries of communities and individual individuals.

But in the meantime, more and more people are becoming observers, understanding their environment and their own functional mechanisms. More and more people are looking for the center from which the play of instinct forces becomes visible and manageable, and can be integrated into an ecological system.

Today we can say that most of the psychological methodologies accepted today are experiencing the urge to rethink and “unify”. Thanks to experimental physics, the frameworks of space and time have expanded, and at the same time broader aspects of our understanding of ourselves have become the subject of investigation.

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Unfolding instead of development

Our team provides available technology, techniques and practical applications for this. We developed a skills development system specifically based on the practitioner’s own experience. We far exceed the possibilities of “only” theoretical courses. We make it possible to learn how to monitor and regulate the intensity of emotions and thoughts.

Each of these directions is a complex and exciting field of research that can contribute to a deeper understanding of human cognition and behavior. Research on mental evolution in all of the areas mentioned above continues to advance and help us better understand what makes humans so unique among the animal kingdom.

What's beyond that?

Even today, hermetic researchers are following new paths. By making their logic flexible, their understanding becomes capable of incorporating the phenomena of the sensory data stream into a higher synthesis. This effort – apart from the concrete results – leads to the fact that new, hidden details of the phenomena of the Cosmos always become even more comprehensible, new elements of cosmogony enter the consciousness of humanity. In this way, our mental hyperorgans are constantly differentiated and the possibility of multidimensional knowledge opens up.

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