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Action is required across a network of early adopters to replicate due diligence to building Solaroof. We are implement field projects, so that multiple teams rapidly become competent to create and validate the advancements provided by SolaRoof technology. These vital innovations will respond directly and immediately to the plight of people caught in Climate Emergency, whose cut off from essential life support resources of water, food, shelter and energy.


The Bubble Story

Richard Nelson is the CTO of PyraPOD Global Inc, holder of 6 patents on SolaRoof technologies. Over the past 20 years he has been active in educating, mobilizing and supporting early doers of SolaRoof projects under the Creative Commons licenses, which means he gives an open source offer to all DIYers to use his technologies right away. Richard lives happily with his wife Jeraldine and is now working on several historic patent pending innovations with PyraPOD Global.

We call for a universally accessible, wealth and health producing response to intractable large scale crises. Responding with simple, local small-scale solutions, we make solutions actionable by everyone, everywhere. Even though skepticism abounds, when open source gifts of invention are offered, with a spirit of generosity, then there is a social imperative to openly vet creative solutions, and if validated, then recognize them so that adoption is accelerated and hopefully applied in time to save lives.

Action Plan | BubblePOD Alpha

This action plan presents a remarkable synthesis of science and spiritual wisdom to focus on the life sustaining qualities of water. Water is so central to life, that its right use can transform hope into life saving action and will inspire a vast response that will lead to widespread adoption of a regenerative lifestyle accessible by everyone, everywhere.

This action plan sets out the most vital and doable technology for creating new Ecological Architecture. Launching this development through our platform, has the mission to lift the whole world out of the paradigm of scarcity and prove that a world of abundance is within reach – this is the future we know is possible.

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Envienta OpenRDI focuses zero marginal cost exponential technologies in terms of circular economic principles, that combined can improve human condition within the biosphere and planetary boundaries. We’re confident that good people everywhere, with the open source developers,  will co-create replicable results and share the know-how widely and rapidly through our platform.

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