We at RoboVenture work with children, and by teaching the younger generation, we create a livable future and a clean planet. Here, the children learn, make and repair everything.

A creative workshop where we build new, wonderful things from discarded electronic waste. Natural sciences, technology, robotics, recycling in an understandable, simple, playful way.

Digital Recycling | Békéscsaba | Hungary

We train eco-conscious robotics professionals for the future

Our primary goal is to help children and young people realize their ideas, finding their true potentials, as well as give them the opportunity to learn the most modern engineering skills, while improving their attention and concentration, pointing out the beauty of creativity


Today’s technologies are increasingly gaining ground, developing rapidly and becoming part of our everyday lives. The openness of the young generation towards technology is already evident, as they easily use a newly released “gadget” and quickly learn the information needed to use it.

Natural science

On the brink of climate change, the use of renewable energy sources is humanity’s most urgent task.
Our goal is to introduce this, and we also consider it important that the participants learn about the usefulness and operation of solar, wind, or even water energy with the help of experiments.

Digital Recycling | Békéscsaba | Hungary

RoboVenture helps you save the world

RoboVenture, operating in Békéscsaba, has undertaken something that few have done. It simultaneously reduces and reuses e-waste and teaches children how to make something new out of it. Let’s take a closer look at why and how the Gajdács couple do this.

Environmental protection - Sustainability

We consider an eco-conscious lifestyle and environmental protection important, which we also encourage children to do. During the sessions of the camp, we will build gadgets with the children that illustrate the operation of renewable energies, with the help of playful tasks

Statistics for the year 2021

We mentored 300 young people involved in our method, 50 of whom dealt with children with special educational needs (SEN). We utilized 15 TONS of equipment. We made 70 pieces of hand-built Bluetooth speakers. 25 PCs, 50 monitors, smart TVs and more than 100 mobile phones were returned to their owners after repairs.

The most modern engineering knowledge and practice at play, in minimal time!

REPAIR – if possible | Decomposing equipment into its eco-conscious, systematic components. | We look for the weak points of the equipment. | Selective collection of elements that can no longer be used.

Our Activities